Sulon was a moon of Sullust with a thriving agricultural program. The surface of the moon was covered with droid-tended fields. The moon was also the home of Jedi Master Kyle Katarn.

Sulon was the headquarters of Sulon Incorporated, a SoroSuub subsidiary which utilized the underground areas of the moon for manufacturing and starport facilities. These underground facilities were where the most dangerous Sullustan explosives, weapons, and bacteriological testing was conducted, safely off of the surface of Sullust.

During the Galactic Civil War there was an active Rebel group on Sulon. Morgan Katarn (Kyle Katarn's father) was a leader in this group, that tried to become independent of SoroSuub Corporation energy plants.

Barons Hed

Following the Battle of Endor, Imperial forces began a counterassault against the Rebels on Sulon, planning to drive the Alliance off the moon, then to use it as a base of operations for attacking Sullust. Entire Rebel cells and brigades were killed and eventually, the Alliance ordered all their forces on Sulon to retreat. Those with access to starships fled immediately, but scores of Alliance personnel were left behind, so they made their way to Akkalo Station, a small Imperial spaceport, and captured it. The Alliance sent a shuttle to the port, to pick up the survivors, but the Imperials sent reinforcements to the station before the shuttle could arrive.

There was one known city on Sulon, which was Barons Hed. There, Jerec and his six companions had established a palace, which Kyle Katarn infiltrated. Kyle had his first victory against a Dark Jedi on Sulon, as he defeated Yun in the palace, though sparing his life. Jerec had served as the moon's governor for a short time, and Sulon later was under Jerec's jurisdiction after the Battle of Endor. Jerec had wiped much of the Rebel populace, though some had fled to Ruusan.

Maw garrisoned the moon with Grave Tusken mercenaries.